Local youngsters who are neuro-divergent, including those with a learning disability or autism, have co-produced and starred in 5 powerful videos around the key challenges of moving from childhood into adulthood.

The short films cover five fundamental themes. Click on the links below to watch the videos in full [each video is between 8-12 minutes long and well worth a look!]

The films are designed to give clinical support teams valuable insight to help improve the services they offer. The overall aim is to help health and care professionals and the general public better understand how transitioning to adulthood for this group can be particularly difficult, yet similar to others their age.

Funding for the films was provided by the NHS through the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care Board to engage with young adults aged 14 – 25 years. We commissioned Reading charity, Starting Point & Realtime Film Company, to co-produce the films with over 20 young people all keen to learn and manage the storyboarding, filming and editing process. 

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