Local Transformation Plans (LTPs), which set out how local services will invest to improve children and young people mental health, have been agreed and produced locally since 2015. The plans, which are refreshed annually, report on agreed priorities for the area and set out ambitions for development and improvement across the whole system.

This document sets out our system wide priorities, the challenges and issues and the key delivery programmes for the following period 2022 – 2024 for the system (PART 1) and it collates the refreshed LTPs from across the Integrated Care System (BOB-ICS) for 2022/2023 for Buckinghamshire (PART 2) Oxfordshire (PART 3) and Berkshire West (PART 4). There is recognition that this document format still reflects the history of three separate place-based plans; we are at the beginning of our journey toward a single overarching plan in due course.

For the Local Transformation Plan documents, please see below.

 BOB Local Transformation Plan for Children and Young
People’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

 Oxfordshire Local Transformation Plan - Refresh

 Buckinghamshire Local Transformation Plan - Refresh

 Berkshire West Local Transformation Plan - Refresh