Published on 30 June 2023, the first of our NHS Joint Forward Plans set out a delivery plan that explains how we will arrange and/or provide NHS services to meet our population’s physical and mental health needs, particularly with respect to the ambitions of the Integrated Care Strategy. This plan focuses on actions that will be delivered by the NHS in BOB (ICB, NHS Trusts, primary care, etc). As we develop as a system it is expected that future joint forward plans may reflect more fully our wider partnership activities.


In developing our Joint Forward Plan, we have identified a small number of key challenges that, if addressed, we believe will have the greatest impact on ensuring our services more effectively meet the needs of people in BOB. Meeting these challenges will require long term change, working in new ways–with greater collaboration across system partners and with our communities-and will require a fundamental change in focus, from a system based on treating illness to one that prioritises prevention and keeping people healthy in their communities.

Alongside our focus on key challenge areas, we have also developed detailed service plans, setting out our ambition and plans for how we intend to develop and deliver our NHS services in BOB over the next five years, in line with our Integrated Care Strategy. As a collective of NHS providers in BOB, we will work together and in partnership with other organisations to listen and respond to our communities.

The plan is jointly published by the ICB and partner NHS Trusts (Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and South Central Ambulance Service). The Joint Forward Plan will be updated and published annually.


For the Joint Forward Plan documents, please see below.

 Joint Forward Plan June 2023

 Detailed Service Delivery Plans June 2023

 Joint Forward Plan Summary June 2023

HWB Opinions June 2023

Supporting Information June 2023

Easy read Joint Forward Plan

Appendix more information on Joint Forward Plan